Efficiency Software

Efficiency Software Group is an international software company that improves the health, fitness and proficiency of computer users and consequently the performance of staff and the organisations in which they work.

The company was founded by specialists, who combine more than 25 years of experience gained at the cutting-edge of Human Factors, computer use and labour productivity. Efficiency Software serves large companies (with 500+ staff) in Western Europe, the UK and the US.

Be healthier and more productive...

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make computer users around the world fitter and more proficient, so that they can improve their own performance and consequently the performance of their organisation(s).

Efficiency Software is constantly anticipating what impact computer technology will have on working people. We do this because people are the most important link in the chain when it comes to improving group and individual performance. Read more

Efficiency Software Suite

The Efficiency Software Suite is a balanced pallet of software tools that structurally improves the performance of individual employees and the organisation. The software improves your and your colleagues’ wellbeing, health and productivity, and as a result realises growth both at a personal and organisational level. Read more

Working method

Efficiency Software develops software tools that improve computer skills and promote the fitness and performance of people based on the specific needs of organisations. In consultation with Efficiency Software or its partners, certain elements of the software programs can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. After the implementation of the programs we remain flexible and involved with the customer. Read more


An unrelenting flood of automation has resulted in an increasing number of people performing computer work every day. A lot of organisations already use the solutions of Efficiency Software. From (semi-)public bodies and educational institutions to organisations in various sectors in the services’ industry. Read more


Preparing your staff for new software tools properly is important. Efficiency Software has developed an extensive communication package for its tools. This ensures a smooth rollout of the software and ensures quick acceptance of the Efficiency Software tools within your organisation. Read more