Based on the tasks you perform with a mouse in the software applications you use most; AltMOUSE provides real time coaching on the keyboard shortcuts that will benefit you most in terms of increased efficiency and comfort.

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How it works

How it works

AltMOUSE helps office based employees realise substantial time savings and greater workstation comfort by teaching them keyboard shortcuts in real time, as they work. Based on the tasks an employee carries out most often, this completely unique tool, recommends the healthier and more efficient keyboard shortcut alternative. Read more

Efficiency Gains

Using AltMOUSE, employees learn and apply the keyboard shortcuts most relevant to their computer usage in real time as they work. For the first time a viable learning tool exists to unlock the potential employee productivity gains of keyboard shortcuts.

On average the same computer based task can be completed 30% faster using a keyboard shortcut than a mouse (Lane et al., 2005; Tak, 2007). Read more

Efficiency Gains

Health Benefits

By reducing mouse use employees avoid doing intense repetitive work with some of the smallest muscles and tendons in the body. This reduces exposure to discomfort and fatigue. Read more

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