CtrlWORK helps computer users simultaneously improve their health and efficiency. Developed using the findings of a number of independent scientific studies, CtrlWORK is used by over 700,000 computer users across hundreds of organisations around the globe.

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How it works

CtrlWORK observes employee keyboard and mouse use, looking for sustained intense usage, which is both draining and leads to discomfort. If the computer user works for too long without taking a natural break, they will be advised that they need to take a pit-stop. Read more

Get energized

The positive effects on wellbeing carry over to employee home life as CtrlWORK users leave work with more energy and less work related discomfort, meaning they are more able to enjoy their free time. Read more

Efficiency gains

The full Efficiency Software suite is proven to increase employee performance by 1 hour per employee per day. As CtrlWORK helps users maintain energy and concentration levels this solution underpins all our other efforts to increase employee productivity. Read more