Break software - how it works

CtrlWORK helps computer users simultaneously improve their health and efficiency. Developed using the findings of a number of independent scientific studies, CtrlWORK is used by over 700,000 computer users across hundreds of organisations around the globe.

Break software increases productivity

By helping computer users find their optimal work/rest rhythm, our stretch software prevents physical and mental fatigue. As a result employee productivity increases as they can sustain higher energy levels and better concentration for more of the day. In short, they are able to achieve more, in the same time with less effort. 

How it works

CtrlWORK observes employee keyboard and mouse use, looking for sustained intense usage, which is both draining and leads to discomfort. If the computer user works for too long without taking a natural break, the strecht software will be advised that they need to take a pit-stop. Pit-stop content covers time management, email management, keyboard shortcut tips, news from the web (image above), stretching exercises and more. Companies can even develop their own content to be displayed to staff.


Unlike legacy break software solutions, CtrlWORK pit-stops are not enforced, when employees are working towards deadlines they can postpone pit-stop advice and carry on working. As per the image to the left; CtrlWORK reinforces good practice and promotes behaviour change each morning by providing onscreen feedback on the previous day's computer use and suggesting personal pit-stop setting changes when required.

Control of the break software

Advanced reporting offers a vast range of information to employees on their stretch software usage. Centrally, senior personnel can control and report on every element of CtrlWORK across their organisation.