Within organisations, the health of computer users often focuses on good working posture and finding the right balance between rest and focused work. As an employer, HR professional or working conditions specialist, you will, of course, want to prevent staff from slumping over their computers for prolonged periods of time. Although computers and further automation have increased the productivity of organisations enormously, people still remain the most important link in computer work. That an increasing number of organisations actively want to improve the health of their staff is therefore logical.

Most health programs target healthy eating and more exercise. This is often expressed in advice such as taking the stairs more often, exercising before computer work and eating fruit during the lunch break. However, they often forget that more fruitful tools for improving health lie much closer to the work itself. Efficiency Software makes people more aware of their computer behaviour and teaches them to improve their posture ‘on the job’ by using, for example, hotkeys instead of a computer mouse. The software also helps to better maintain one’s energy level over the day. This results in small behavioural changes that really take root in one’s system and as a result lower health risks.

Good health increases the performance of your staff and therefore the performance of your organisation. Of course, physical fitness also greatly influences the mental fitness of people and promotes the wellbeing and productivity of staff.