Productivity is using the available time to achieve your objective as efficiently as possible. Each employee has his/her own way of achieving this every day. For computer users, having good concentration and the right skills is therefore a must. Because the more proficient you are as a computer user, the more time you save. Time that can then be used for other things. Such as promoting personal development or a higher quality standard – by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. And if you increase the personal productivity of all staff, your entire organisation will profit.

In endeavouring to achieve higher labour productivity, organisations often think in terms of ‘achieving more in less time’. Rightly so, but the key question is then: How do you realise this? The most effective approach is to give one’s full attention to more intelligent ways of working. Or: focus on things that lead to structural improvement, which is also often accompanied by lower work pressure. Our Efficiency Software can support your organisation in this. Think of, for example, improving basic computer skills, such as learning to touch type or using hotkeys more – which is up to 30% quicker than a mouse. The software also offers mental and physical breaks. So that computer users can maintain their energy levels the whole day. This promotes concentration, fitness and personal productivity.

People are generally the most important asset of an organisation. Efficiency Software makes them more proficient, effective and motivated. These gains result in higher performance for your organisation. Realising higher productivity by working more intelligently also positively influences the wellbeing and health of your staff.