Sustainable deployability

As an employer or HR professional, you will, of course, want your staff to make a real contribution to your organisation over a sustainable period, i.e. remain sustainably deployable. The key words for sustainable deployability are unwavering flexibility and health. Because someone who is both mentally and physically happy and prepared to adapt to circumstances is not only more productive, but also more widely - and for a longer period - deployable.

An employer can actively contribute to promoting sustainable deployability. By offering healthy workstations and training and by catering for the wishes of staff in the field of wellbeing, health and personal development. In this context, Efficiency Software makes computer users more aware of their working behaviour. It also offers them mental and physical breaks to promote healthier working practices. Staff are also challenged to improve their computer skills via ‘on the job’ training. This results in better, sustainable deployability. Your staff are fitter, healthier and more proficient, which also, of course, structurally improves the performance of your organisation.  

Realising sustainable deployability is often accompanied by higher performance of both individuals and organisation - in the long term. This is made possible by focusing strongly on wellbeing, health and productivity. Now and in the future.