With Ticken, the online touch typing course from Efficiency Software, employees master touch typing in a very short space of time, 50% faster than with traditional training methods.

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How it works

Ticken is incredibly easy to set-up and roll-out to employees. After company registration, enter the email addresses of employees you want to train and they will receive an e-mail instantly enabling them to log in and commence the course. The course can be done at home or at work, as the course is completely online. Read more


Learning a new skill such as touch typing is a good method of improving employee productivity without increasing demands on staff to work harder. With the same effort employees who are able to touch type will produce more work of a higher quality. Read more

TypeReflex® Learning Method

Thanks to the TICKEN TypeReflex® learning method, employees will learn to touch type in half the time of a regular course. Participants do not waste time learning boring, nonsensical letter combinations, but learn typing real words immediately. Read more