Learn touch typing: advantages

Do more with the same or fewer people, a statement often made in these challenging economic times. There aren't many ways of realistically improving employee productivity but one is to find a way for them to work smarter, not just harder. Working smarter makes developing the right skills an essential prerequisite for success. A good and often overlooked example of how we can improve employee performance is by improving typing skills.

Advantages of learn touch typing

All around the office employees are bent over keyboards slowly 'hunt and peck' typing. Studies show this results in dozens of unnecessarily lost days working time per year so why aren't employees encouraged to learn to touch typing?

While everyone realises 10 finger touch typing increases employee productivity, companies apparently seem reluctant to invest in learn touch typing. With Ticken, the online touch typing course from Efficiency Software, employees master touch typing in a very short space of time, 50% faster than with traditional training methods. 

The Ticken typing course: do it yourself

Ticken is incredibly easy to set-up and roll-out to employees. After company registration, enter the email addresses of employees you want to train and they will receive an e-mail instantly enabling them to log in and commence the course. The course can be done at home or at work, as the course is completely online.