Touch typing course: How it works

Ticken is incredibly easy to set-up and roll-out to employees. After company registration, enter the email addresses of employees you want to train and they will receive an e-mail instantly enabling them to log in and commence the course. The touch typing course can be done at home or at work, as the course is completely online.

Health of touch typing course

Learning to touch type has multiple health benefits for computer users and is recommended by occupational healthcare specialists and experts in office ergonomics. Employees who are able to touch type are far less exposed to both mental and physical fatigue than hunt & peck typists. This results in a measurable reduction in work related discomfort and absenteeism.

Touch typists naturally adopt a much healthier posture. Their eyes are no longer drawn to the keyboard so they focus on the monitor. This results in less hunching and a more neutral seating posture which substantially reduces neck and shoulder pain.

The touch typing course encourages a more flowing typing action which reduces the stress on our fingers. The workload is spread across all fingers rather than being concentrated on a few working intensively. This reduces physical fatigue in the hand and fingers which can otherwise result in the development of discomfort.

Mental fatigue is also greatly reduced using touch typing. As employees become better, touch typing becomes a reflex, not a conscious effort as it is with hunt and peck typing. There is also a marked reduction in frustrating typing errors. Employees are able to focus solely on the task in hand as typing is a much easier, instinctive behaviour.