In addition to the health and safety of staff, their wellbeing is also becoming increasingly important to employers and HR professionals. After all, you want your staff to feel good and enjoy work. How they feel affects the way they present your company to the outside world and also directly motivates colleagues. Additional advantages of satisfied and mentally fit staff are that they are less likely to go sick and are more loyal to the organisation. It is therefore not without reason that ‘staff wellbeing’ is high on the agenda for an increasing number of companies.

Many studies have shown that a good working atmosphere and presenting challenges contribute to increasing wellbeing. Organisations often support their staff by providing a healthy workstation, training opportunities and tools that improve performance. Efficiency Software can also play a role here. This software makes computer user aware of the working behaviour and offers mental breaks to maintain one’s concentration and energy levels throughout the day. The result: staff who are better motivated at work and more energetic at home in the evening. Increased wellbeing on the work floor contributes to a better balance between home and work.

Improving the skills of the staff and ensuring, as an employer, that the staff remain fit and healthy also often results in more sustainable deployability of staff. And, not unimportantly, it also results in a better performance of the entire organisation. The total result is greater than the sum of the parts. Furthermore, a high degree of wellbeing is closely linked to physical health and productivity.